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Telephone Answering

Telephone Answering

Answering accurately with minimum wastage of time is a difficult task to do for anybody. We often find that our queries were actually not answered at the end of a conversation. At our inbound call centre, this process is handled with utmost skill. We make sure that the caller is satisfied at the end of the conversation and all his queries answered. This saves a lot of time and money to the businesses that are our clients. Telephone answering service is provided fulltime or part time depending on our client’s need and the number of hours required for this service.

The cost of Telephone answering service is lot less compared to other companies that charge with respect to each calls made. They may charge up to one or two pounds per call. We at our call centre do not charge per call. So, the expense of this service is comparatively lesser.

The trained and highly qualified and professional team, backed by a team leader takes calls and notes each and every concern of the caller. After taking the messages, they provide the accurate information to the caller. As we work 24/7, round the year, it is very helpful to get information anytime in 24 hours. So the queries can be answered to the customer at his comfortable time. The live online operators take the caller’s name, address and contact numbers and a brief message from the caller.

There is no resting or sleeping time for a business. Someone from somewhere always makes a call to you and somebody must be there to answer your call. This problem is solved by our call centre which is open all the time and waiting to take your call. The correct solution to your business is answering all your calls with skilled professionals. This we provide at our call centre.

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