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Outbound Calling

Outbound Call Centre

In recent times, services of a company are often outsourced. This increases a company’s time and money and helps a business. Out of services outsourced, taking calls and queries of customers and making outgoing calls on behalf of a particular company is a very popular one. These call centres can be inbound call centres, Outbound call centres and most of the time both inbound and outbound. Outbound call centres mostly make calls to the prospective customers in order to market the company’s existing or launching and telemarketing new products. The call centre also updates the customers about the facilities of the new products and also increases the sale and profit of the companies.

Our call centre has a package that includes most of everything. They include phone calls, staff that are highly skilled and trained with latest updates in technology and business, all the equipments necessary for the services and high speed internet. They only cost 700 pounds and this price includes VAT. At this price, the service is a real deal. The standard of our operation is higher than any other call centres because of a few factors. Firstly, we use all the recent audio and visual equipments necessary for communicating with the world. This is very important for making calls and communicating with the existing and prospective customers. The outbound calls make use of telemarketing methods and a database of phone numbers to the people to whom calls should be made. A well written script is also given to the staff to follow while making outbound calls.

Our service is provided round the year and round the clock 24/7. So it hardly matters wherever the customer is because it makes sure that the calls go out at the customer’s preferable time. So, ours is the right choice for outsourcing and growing your business.

There are a variety of services provided in our Outbound call centres. In present times telemarketing is used by all businesses whether big or small. Appointment setting is a very essential part of outbound telemarketing. We, at our outbound call centre provide this service with utmost skills. There are uncountable prospective customers out there who may be interested in your product or service of business. We speak to a numerous number of them and shortlist those customers who are actually interested in being part of the business. We fix appointments, real face to face, of the customer and the client. Thus, this increases your business prospect and revenue.

There are many data that needs verification and validation with respect to its accurateness, criteria that makes it to accept and made with certain specifics to satisfy the use of it for which it was actually intended. We at our Outbound call centres provide this service with skilled staff.

We make surveys and questionnaires too as a part of outbound telemarketing in our call centre. We are near to very accurate in this service too. Your company can rely on us for this service.

Collecting data and follow it up with calls is also provided by us. While following up calls, real customers are often found who would have been lost otherwise. We also do market research about your business through our outbound call centre. This is a crucial thing to do for your business out there. Booking seminars and conferences is also our job. We make welcome calls to the customers for their comfort zone in your business. We know to what extent lead generation is important to a business. We look into that too. We interact with customers for their acquisition and retention campaign. Last but not the least; we look at all aspect of CRM.

Our outbound calling services increases your business productivity by turning your consumer list into an updated, influential marketing program which ultimately makes a significant impact on your current business. Our range of outbound call services includes:

  • Appointment Setting
  • Data Verification & Validation
  • Surveys/Questionnaires
  • Data collection
  • Follow up calls
  • Market research
  • Seminar and Conference Booking
  • Welcome calls
  • Event Building
  • CRM-all aspects
  • Customer’s acquisition & retention campaign
  • Lead Generation

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