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Live Chat

Telemarketing and live chat support is a buzzing word in businesses recently. To avail these professional services, call centre outsourcing is nowadays chosen by these business houses mostly. There are certain strategies that our call centre follows to increase maximum sale of your company and the right marketing of your company. We at our call centre prepare ourselves with a lot of things before chatting live with the customer. The right informative calling list, a well grafted and well researched script to be conveyed to the customers, the right kinds of equipments and a well trained professional team build the right kind of working environment for telemarketing your company’s products and services.

The cost of everything is included in our cost which is lesser than any other call centres. There is also no minimum requirement of staff in our call centre. Making a certain number of calls everyday by our staff increases the number of prospective customers of your business. As it is very important to speak to the right person on the phone, our staff makes sure tactfully if the person who answers the phone is the right person talked to. They are polite in starting to build a rapport with the customer before informing and laying out the information while chatting live. An intranet is provided for the person chatting with the customer so that he can answer all the queries correctly. This helps with following up calls with the customer as the customer instantly recognizes the caller. The calls are not charged with respect to the number of calls by our company. A bit of training about answering live chat on your company’s behalf makes our staff all the more efficient. This makes live chat support a success in our call centre, when talking about call centre outsourcing.

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