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About Us

About Us

Call Centre Direct is an ISO 9001:200 certified telemarketing company and call centre, based out of India and UK. It is a distinguishing BPO and LPO, providing back office support to many international companies based out of mainly UK and USA with head offices at both places.

It mainly provides telemarketing, telesales, surveys, customer support and answering inbound calls. All of this is done by making outgoing and answering incoming calls. Inbound telemarketing and live chat support is also done as their service.

Today, telemarketing is the most effective and speediest form of marketing technique used by all the companies. It is also very popular marketing technique used as it is very flexible in its own. Face to face marketing is very time bound and physical job while this kind of marketing is not strictly bound by time and place. It can be done by and from anyone and anywhere in the world. Call centres are set up for doing this job from a particular working environment. The staff is properly trained to make calls. There are up to date high tech equipments, both voice and audio for making calls easily with proper and optimum utilization of time and manpower.

All the services provided needs a proper plan and technique to be effective to the maximum point. For this, a well set up office with the right equipments and a proper plan and preparation is very important. By preparation, it means that everything should be ready and perfect before making that call, the right staff who are trained, a tight caller list, a perfectly written script to be conveyed to the prospective customers and the right equipments.

Thus, we are now one of the best international call centre and a world class telemarketing company. We provide direct customer relationship through our CRM services.

Our call center provides 24/7/365 support. Call Centre Direct offers an array of call center services which includes Inbound, Outbound Call Center Services to meet your business specific requirements.

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