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Outbound calling services

£ 700 inc vat a month full
time per staff

Inbound calling service

£ 679 inc vat a full month full
time per staff. 600 Seater
call centre with good

From state of art facilities

with full telecom & IT
facilities in India

Welcome to Call Centre

India has been a destination for all call centre solutions with the growing benefits of both inbound call centre and outbound call centre, discovered by International companies. Out of the many benefits of this type of outsourcing, quality service, cost savings and competitive edge are some which are influencing overseas firms to take course to Indian call centre service.

India has proven its capability in providing excellent inbound call centre services to global clients in the real estate, travel, airlines, retail, banking and financial services among others.

Call Centre Direct is a world class bilingual call centre offering reliable and cost effective call centre outsourcing services. Outsourced call centres provide a cost effective solution to a range of business needs, including customer service, collections, call centre support services, telemarketing and more. Our commitment to our customers is to provide innovative cost effective inbound & outbound call centre and tech support services that match their needs.

Through our outbound call centre, overseas companies are guaranteed of strengthening the relation and provide far reaching benefits for both the company and their customers and clients. Our inbound call centre provides the advantage of saving valuable resources of foreign companies and at the same time increase the productivity. Our quality services include enhancing telesales, scheduling sales demo, taking orders, help desk services and scheduling events. Many overseas companies have benefited by utilising our quality resources to increase their profit in a big way.

Best of all; hire a full time, well trained and spoken staff for £679 including VAT in an all inclusive deal.

What We Do

Our Price Structure

Our prices are fixed from £679 for inbound calling and only £699 for outbound calling it an all inclusive deal with cost of staff, phone calls, phone line, equipment all included and the price is also VAT inclusive.

Our Services

Our services Business houses, big or small need to outsource many of their jobs to other companies that deal with only a part of the many jobs that a business needs to do. They are, handling calls, marketing,

How we operate

How we operate Call Centre Direct is based in India. We mainly work for UK and USA based companies. These international companies hire us for some good reasons.Firstly, we are a cost


Advantages When we talk about call centre services, we have in mind a work set up that deals with inbound calls and outbound calls that a company needs to handle properly.This job of making and answering

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